Sunday, 30 January 2011

Art Under $100

Z Gallerie now has a huge collection of art under $100. The "trendy and affordable framed art" is a diverse collection of some famous posters (Andy Warhol, Keep Calm and Carry On, etc.), but also has some quirky pieces for every taste.

One Night: 19 Inches of Snow

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Touch of Pink

As we proceeded to get snowed in last night, we at least had some lovely pink flowers to offset all the bright white.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Winter Wonderland?

Woke up this morning to a snow shower that quickly turned into a blizzard. Here's Union Square's beauty captured this morning around 9:30. The streets were blanketed in white and the skyscrapers were invisible through the snowy wind, but unfortunately the city quickly turned into a brown slushy puddle. Sorry for the phone camera quality, but it makes it almost look like a painting.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An Artistic Process

{ photographs provided by the Brooklyn Museum }

With this week's freezing temperatures it's best to stay indoors. Take a trip to the warm Brooklyn Museum to see the current exhibition Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera (On until April 10, 2011).  The exhibition shows Norman Rockwell's creative process by displaying many of the photographs he took as part of his work. By using photographs as references, Rockwell was able to capture small details and intricate plays of light. He would stage the entire composition in one photograph or collage many different elements from different photographs to create a cohesive composition. The exhibition displays the photographs along with Rockwell's paintings, drawings, and tear sheets.

Monday, 24 January 2011

“I don't get jealous when I see my ex with someone new, because my parents always taught me to give my used toys to the less fortunate.”

{ photographs by Wovenplay }

Colorful Getaway

It was 17 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City today. The dirty puddles were frozen over and an icy wind hit hard around every corner. In the dead of winter, when it hurts to be outside, we could use some color and warmth. Anthropologie just announced their "Global Pattern" collection with colorful prints, bright colors, and an overall tropical vacation vibe.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Welcome to Cup of Beautiful. Here I post things I find beautiful, interesting, and inspirational. Sometimes we forget to look at the beautiful things that are part of our everyday life but often overlooked or taken for granted. We can all use a cup of beautiful from time to time .... Enjoy!