Monday, 22 August 2011

Restaurant Review: Restaurant De Kas, Amsterdam

A few weeks ago we went to an amazing restaurant in Amsterdam called, "De Kas" (translated loosely to the greenhouse or the nursery). Not only is the interior design beautiful, but so is the food. Every dish looks like a small masterpiece, including edible flowers. The restaurant is located on a piece of farmland on a waterway and grows all its own vegetables and herbs in their visible gardens and greenhouses. The interior is rustic modern and includes a main restaurant, event room, business table, and patio. There is no menu, but you can tell the server what you like and don't like. My brother said he liked meat and I said I'd prefer fish and no meat, so he got extra meat and I got special vegetarian dishes. I wish they could open something like this is in NYC!

{ exterior during the day }

{ exterior at night }

{ main restaurant }

{ event room }

{ biggest Basil leaves I've ever seen }

{ our delicious and beautiful fish }