Sunday, 3 June 2012

John Derian's Cape Escape

I came across this story on designer John Derian's weekend cape cod house in Bon Appetit Magazine. Every since I scrolled through the pictures and recipes I cannot keep the idea of a weekend trip to the Cape out of my head! The old sea captain's 1789 house has a feel of antique bohemian style and seaside summer comfort. Guests describe the house as "magical" with weekends full of spontaneous adventures, delicious food, and evening board games. Think fresh flowers in every room, candles, and vintage water glasses ....

{ images via Bon Appetit }


* Throw a coat of white paint on floors and wood paneling. Imperfections are welcome!

* Go ahead and mix various styles of tableware, but keep the color unified.

* To get as much light into rooms as possible, hang mirrors so they reflect opposite windows.

* Add something green or blooming--like cut flowers, a potted geranium, or a single leafy branch--to every room.

* Hang art everywhere, high and low. Skip the symmetry.