Monday, 3 October 2011


This weekend was the big move and I must say it was extremely stressful and difficult. We are far from done, but it's looking better every few hours! I'm loving my new neighborhood (East 80's) and can't wait to get some time to explore. No internet or anything yet, so I just popped into Starbucks for a much needed coffee and some internet. Let me leave you with a few random photos I found on my computer that are on my mind .... Have a great day!

{ what a great start to the day }

{ my new roommate and I are box ex-ballerinas .... we are going to decorate our wall with our old pointe shoes! }

{ loving these colors and flowers }

{ when we're all settled we'll have to throw a small housewarming party }

{ wishing my room was big enough for this .... sigh, New York living }